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Header and footer menu

Text area menu

Text area menu


  • Menu Bar Icon = Click to see options
  • Show Open Notes = ⌥⌘J, you can perform this keyboard shortcut from any application. It shows all notes that are currently open (visible).

Note Manager

  • New Note = ⌘N
  • Print Selected Note = ⌘P
  • Find Note = ⌘F
    • Up or Down arrow keys to activate the note list (press [enter] to open a selected note)
  • Context Menu:
    • Any note row, right click (ctrl-click) on any row in the list to see the note menu

Remarks: You can drag selected text or existing text files (RTF and TXT) to this window to create notes.


  • New Note = ⌘N
  • Show Note Manager = ⌥⌘M
  • Show Open Notes = ⌥⌘J
  • Show List (To Do) = ⌘L
  • New To Do = ⇧⌘L
  • Close Note = [esc]
  • Dock Note = ⇧⌘D
  • Shrink/Collapse Note = ⌘S
  • Insert Date string = ⌘D
  • Insert Date & Time string = ⌃⌘D
  • Rename Note = ⌘R
  • Print Note = ⌘P
  • Selected Text
    • Bold = ⌘B
    • Italic = ⌘I
    • Underline = ⌘U
    • Remove Formatting = ⇧⌘T

Context Menus:

  • Header (title) or footer bar of the note (change note colors, note styles, notebook, etc)
  • Text area (spell check, paste, etc)
  • To rename a note: press ⌘R, then press [enter] to commit the name, press [esc] to disregard the change


  • Activate links, highlight the link then activate the context menu, and select open link or make url
  • Go to the last to do item = ⌥↓ (while the list is shown/active)

Open Notes = ⌥⌘J

  • New Note = ⌘N
  • Open Selected Note = [enter]
  • Dock All Open Notes = ⇧⌘D
  • Shrink/Collapse All Open Notes = ⌘S
  • Choose Note = Up or down arrows, then press [enter] to show the selected note
  • Show Note Manager = ⌥⌘M

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